Meet Players Amusements

Cannock Shopping Centre is packed with independent retailers, so we’ve been chatting to the people behind the businesses to find out more…

This week, we caught up with Players Amusements


What’s the story behind Players Amusements, and how did you get started?

Players Amusements is a family run business of over 20 years. It was a natural progression from working for a National Operation to studying and then forming our own company in the gaming industry.

Being a family business we are aware of how important customer care must be and we are able to focus on our customers perhaps a little more than National Operator’s are able to, this we have found to be our advantage over the years and why we can compete competitively against larger and national operations.


What’s it like to work at Cannock Shopping Centre?

When we came to Cannock over 10 years ago we felt we had found a niche market for our operation, as operating and Amusement Arcade in a shopping centre is usually not permitted by the landlords. Its a small site compared to high street operations but has shown in the past to have good footfall. We have built a brand that people like and being in a shopping centre does have its advantages when the weather is not so good.


What are some of your most popular games?

We operate a variety of machines from 10p to £2 stake per game and from £5 Jackpot to £500. While all can be popular the Traditional favourites of 10p £5 are the machines most people like to play.


Do you have any advice on safer gambling?

Gambling and playing machines should always be fun, playing machines or any type of gambling should not be seen as an investment for your money.  Playing machines should be seen as buying Amusement and only be played with money you can afford to loose. As the saying say “WHEN THE FUN STOPS, STOP”.


Where do you see the future of the Amusements industry heading?

The current climate with Covid-19 has changed the future outlook for many businesses. Technology is a huge part of our industry and innovation of machines and games has created new interest and excitement over the years and I’m sure this will continue.


Players Amusements is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5:30pm.