Meet Lavender Blue

Cannock Shopping Centre is packed with independent retailers, so we’ve been chatting to the people behind the businesses to find out more…

Last week, we caught up with Lavender Blue to find out more about how they got started and which products they would recommend!


When did Lavender Blue open and how did the business get started?

I started by helping my father-in-law who had a wool stall on the old market, that was in 1965. When the new market was built, we moved in there. After my father-in-law passed, my husband and I took over the stall and started to sell high-end ladies’ fashion – a lot of French clothing, it was very popular!

In 2000 we decided to buy the stall next to us which had the underwear, and that’s when Lavender Blue evolved – because we are Lavenders. Since then I’ve carried on and moved between shops, it’s lovely.


What can people find when they visit your stall?

I mainly cater for older ladies and gentlemen, selling nighties and pyjamas, knickers, and vests.


If you were a customer in your own shop, what would you recommend?

I would have to recommend the underwear – our knickers and vests. I do quite well with night dresses and pyjamas too, and for older gentlemen I sell nightshirts and pyjamas.


What would you say is your favourite thing about working in Cannock?

It has to be the customers. People in Cannock are so lovely, they are really nice – I don’t know any bad ones! My Dad was a miner and Cannock used to be a mining community, and there is a real sense of community there. Having been in lockdown since Christmas, it’s so nice to see familiar faces and be talking to people and helping them with their purchases.


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